Everything is improving

Several things which are important in my life have already improved gradually, such as updating laptops, enhancing English level, preparing to purchase new flash and finding a new software (Digital Camera Utility) which comes from Pentax company and will substitute Lightroom in my laptop. I cannot deny the fact that everything will be changed with a positive way, although I suspected whether my suffering and striving are worth. if I gave up, which kind of lifestyle is like. Thanks god, bigotry helps me to insist until now.

Autumn is coming, which is a harvestable season in China, I, tomorrow, still need to continue my distance education, it is painful to insist for a long period of time. As an old saying goes, constant dropping wears the stone, the aim is in front of my eyes. I do not have any reason to drop out at this time. In general, I have prepared to welcome the coming of success. More patience, PLZ.

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