Go Back to University for Sharing

At the beginning of the month, I went back to CUHK for a sharing session, after many years. Although I had wanted to go back to my alma mater before, I never had the chance. The university has not changed much, but the teaching facilities have been renewed and new equipment has been added to…

God helps those that help themselves

Some things are always disappointing. A thief crying “Stop thief”, it happens everyday. There is no more hope. God helps those that help themselves, only I can save myself. The photos shot in a restaurant near Tseung Kwan O South, with low cost performance, not recommended.

Come And Go in a Hurry

Take time to do what you wanna do and meet who you wanna see. Although, the journey was tiring, well worth it. Do not waste time on people or things are don’t matter and stop consuming spirit. The other thing: I am frustrated, due to some news. There are two points. The first one, some…

Major Changes

I have transferred the server location of the blog from Hong Kong to Singapore, which is not the first time to immigrate the whole website, cuz the former one’s PHP version is too older. Some functions are not compatible with the latest system. The staff ignored my requests to update the software. After a few…

Do It Better

The weather is getting hotter, early summer seems to be approaching. I saw a lot of people again during this period of time. Everyone is a contradiction. Some people bring more uncomfortable feeling than happiness and vice versa. I believe now, they do not take it personally. Throughout their lives, those people who were born…

What I Like Hasn’t Changed.

I have been to a lot of places lately, not staying at home like before. This city still has many spaces which worth exploring. What I like hasn’t changed. When I checked the post time, it’s been a month since I have updated.

The World Never Changes

The street keeps the similar appearance with almost seven years ago. I always emphasized world is changing, never include me. At that time, I suddenly seemed to around myself, everything in front of eyes is a fact, I am just a hurry traveler of this world.