Face the fact

We cannot deny that people frequently like to escape from reality.In our city I still refuse to accept some situation, such as larger numbers of blasphemer fill in city, i can not understand what individuals speaking around me as well as they can not understand what is my mean.I keep silent,therefore, in the city except to get a pass card.My classmates believe i am a luck guy in certain factors. Of course, I lack of something which they possess in some easy ways,too.

In spring festival holiday, i had date with old classmates. We memory some events in the past which already was blurred in our brain. In fact,I hope meet my classmates in the university.On the contrary, i never meet them since graduate. Though,I often receive text from them and sometimes I often miss them in this strange city.Especially, miss them deeply when feeling blue. I never told other people a certain emotion in my heart deeply.Because i need to face reality. In the situation, I do not have more opportunity to think about the past.After all, making strong and sufferance are the first aim,thus i need to know how to face to the suffer and fight with them.

Thanks for the friends take me the limited leisure time to revision my state.In the next step, I should try hard continually.

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