Keywords in the past and future

In 2011,my keywords include: development, study, pool, stress, insomnia and boredom.I still smooth,however, maybe because of a vital spirit; persistence. When we  move toward 2012, I hope to receive the keywords include: successful, development,easy, happiness and hope.In fact, aim cost lot of time and energy. No one understand the sacrifice ,i did,really. A few days ago, some guys wanted to conduct my affair again. Of course, I have lot of experience about resisting of the other comment on my business.

People always think they can realize their dream in the new year, me too. I can ignore everything, just move toward only one aim, which i always did it.In the new year, everything will be changed.Persistence will be the ultimate aim until realize.I hope people who like to bamboo telegraph are give up focus on me.Maybe, taking care of yourselves are the best way to live.I pass the struggle time in the past, what will block me?! I believe that successful will coming soon in the future.

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