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Sociologists have spent many years wrestling with the enigma of the poverty since god creates human being. Dating back to the 18th century when the First Industrial Revolution inaugurated the age of the machines, man’s productivity started to increase exponentially. A growing number of people obtain the benefit from the latest science and technology, they living in the commodious house, taste the delicate food and communicate with each other through Internet. Maybe the rich men who enjoy the most convenience live are not realize a truth enormous mankind still suffering. According to “Are the homeless Crazy?” by Jonathan Kozol , the author believe the reasons of poverty are government, enterprise and certain individuals to refuse their responsibilities and obligations. In contrast, Jo Goodwin Parker who is the author of ‘What Is Poverty?’ claim poverty is mainly reflected by living standard. Personally, two essays describe the problem from the different aspects and standpoints; meanwhile include various emotion of writer.

When we read the first essay, we can understand clearly that anchorites reduce the fund of welfare repeatedly which were used to cope with the food and house problems for homeless from 1980 at $30 million to 1988 at $7.5 million. Then continue drop drastically to 2,500 until President Reagan’s second term. Secondly, the health situation is the other important problem to the homeless. They face various diseases that always be ignored except mental illness. In fact, mental illness become the foremost imagine to homeless. In fact, the amounts of homeless bear various diseases, such as tuberculosis, asthma, bleeding gums and so forth. The cause of diseases which is pool men do not have a comfortable flat, because their house were rebuilt the luxury apartment and sold to the rich people. Above all, human beings became indifferent in modern society. They are no longer pay attention to society problems; however focus on their own live every day. Author hope arouses public conscience through this essay.

I would like to argue that poverty can change our lifestyle and rhythm base on the second article (“What is poverty?” by Jo Goodwin Parker). People need to work hard in order to gain slender wages, while look after their children by themselves because an increasing number fees of education, even scrimping and saving to buy necessities. As an old Chinese saying goes, “The worse experience is people dead but still possess money. The worst experience is people still living but exhaust money.” Thus, money is the most important factor in our normal life. Lifestyle suffers crushing misfortunes because of poverty. In fact, pool people were disdained, especially in some school. The effects of poverty involve living goods, food, education and sanitary condition etc.

Furthermore, the poverty problems were demonstrated vividly through two different essays completely. The first essay (“Are the homeless Crazy?” by Jonathan Kozol) point the reasons of poverty relay on enormous data from reports, which have more cogency. The readers receive truth data objectively from the first article. And the writer depends on large numbers of statistic rather than metaphor, which feel more direct viewing. Apparently, author spends vast energy and time to analyze the figure of poverty based on years, invest of authorities and human beings’ attitude. As a formal essay, mass data were quoted, which is necessary. The data were strong proof the point correctly from author’s standpoint.

In contrast, the second essay (“What is poverty?” by Jo Goodwin Parker) more like a diary, which is the average resident record their common live. The style of essay is simpler compare with the first essay. Furthermore, the second essay includes more emotion from author. She describes the poverty from detail of living. And combine with the real examples emerge trouble of live. Readers always identified with the author through this kind of tone. As an average people I like to read and understand the second rather first essay, because I can realize the truth inconvenience of live. Moreover, rich men understand how to help them who struggling in poverty. After all, people can provide help when they understand which aspect of poverty will create troubles.

In conclusion, the gap between the rich and the poor is a serious in our planet. Depend on joint study of all government and enterprises, relying on collectivity wisdom together, and keeping absorbing more and more excellent individuals join us, eradicate poverty just a time issue. Of course, researchers’ report and essay could use various types of tone to describe the poverty issue. As formal essay, it should offer the strict data and proof, while diary needs to understand straightaway.

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