Chinese Leader

Leader,official and authorities are always the core of nation,which have been comsist of all elite in country.The principle were adopted whole plent,except china.It is well know that the efficiency and ability depend on quality rather than quantity of member.When we discuss,however,then found clearly corruption,avarice,lascivious,cheaper,obscene etc.those always been all of the character or keywords about chinese leader.

In china,whatever you do that must pay high price if you need to contact with government bodies,in short people must spend money to bribe officient who have some rights to help you deal with much problem.For example,apply business license,choose a good school,find a decent job even gain certain opportunity to develop your career.Everything people feel tired because of engage in social activities.Young people are busy learning how to adapt to this chinese social principle from graduate to retire even die.In terms of official obtain certain benefit from client,which is normally activities.

Moreover,female want antainment of goal through bribery of sexual,which is the common methods for chinese young ladies.In fact,even though none of people falling into leaders’arms,they can find one or some mitress,because they have much money source their clients and subsordinates.Furthermore,they have not take any responsibilities for the acitivities.In contrary,they often feel shamed because fewer than other colleague.Generally,the majority chinese leader about four or five decades old,while their wives had been long in the tooth,thus they aim to some freshwomen who want obtain some benfits.What a exceedingly ugly thing!

Bureaucracy play the most important role in chinese officialdom,the leader,however,have not enough intelligence and wisdom to manage country.Thus,they appear to cheaper character.The most argue how to choose official should according to quality rather than quantity.Resident need the geuine experts instand of nepotism that always to appoint some staff who is leaders’ relative,friends or have some benefit-based relationship.Citizen pay much tax around every aspect in china,for instance edication,bought automotile and high price flat even a piece of chinese cabbage.We have limited energy to suffer any losing from incapable bureaucratic leader.

Why speak the leader in mainchina is greedy?That is because they just recognize money in their soul.They often set up bank account in abroad,which save much through some certain methods that are corruption.And than they can flee to country if east window plot,while their family already live in the destination.So,they feel shortage to money forever.Basically,this kind of money come from citizen in whole nation.

In conclusion,I quote a piece of speech from NewYork Times: China, please stop your flying pace, wait for your people, wait for your soul, wait for your morality, wait for your conscience! Don’t let the train run out off track, don’t let the bridges collapse, don’t let the roads become traps, don’t let houses become ruins. Walk slowly, allowing every life to have freedom and dignity. No one should be left behind by our era.

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