The category of guys

This topic just diary,express some perspective about guys,have not some important meaning,which have not a definite significance.Untill now,I still not understand exactly,which kind of article would be comprehended for native english speaker.

Sometimes we often meet a difficult issue that is how to  divide villain and gentle.Maybe these two kind of guys could exchange in certain occasion and timing.For standard of people,never have a uniform answer.Person should to analyse from different aspect as well as every sword always have two edge.

In modern society,human like separate situation around us.We often isolate some guys who would be recognized villain or badly.In certain life or work circumstance,villain could help you unexpectedly if you had common benefit.In contrary,the gentleman also to turn into fiend and worse than villain originally.

Mankind love heart and soul for themselves,thus always found the aim that have benifit.Everyone just a chess-man for earch other.The majority person accept that have not pure angel,shortage of people impossible to avoid forever,however we need to transform the disadvantage to advantage.The most important thing is the same active,goal and aim.

So,how to distinguish the category of people moral?In fact,I think it is a simple issue,in certain timing just judge the guy who have same goal with you and then ignore the original nature,finally you obtain a perfect partner.

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  1. lol!
    This dairy is more like an essay of sociology. People barely think about others in such multiple ways.


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