You are all lie

Bible is widely read book that tell us everyone is a sinner.Of course,not everyone who reads this book feels guilt over the bad things they do.In fact,people had spent most of their life feeling guilty.As a child,he felt guilty about not getting straight As.As a teenager,he felt guilty about letting her girlfriend go to second base.As a married male,he felt guilty about taking three weeks to get out he thank-you cards.But he knew the transgressions of his past were noting compared with the sin he was about to commit.

The same as above point,lie as a characteristic of human being would accompany all of life.People’s activitis truthly always disagree their oral promise,who lost faith in love,however,upload photography in album of internet in few later,because they feel longly.Director could not make good on promise that how much salaries should received.Look at your hypocritical face,I feel nausea.In human society,permeater this kind of people.Please,abandon improper face and pick up your brave without the weakness is your characteristic,ok?

I just feel you are cheater.What a hypocritical!If you do not know,let me told you,so understand?Somebody could say sorry I do not know that have been ltell a lie,probablely.It is evident when you speak the sentence falsity is your characteristic.Human being like buried the truth deep within himself.The lie is one of the sin accompany their all of life and then people fear to share secret with each other,because they just want show the side of strong,thus express some lie,especially hypocritical women.

Their have other instance,in order to make future prove,people(majority is female) often express some situation about herself on the net,they like told others how much busy today,who send some rose to her from a man(maybe a elder male),which brand of internation shoes had been bought and not only spend much money but also the money is American dollar and what a busy day!This are customary tactics for female and some male.Please do not do behaves like an idiot.I just want to tell you sooner or later the time comes when we all must become responsible adults and learn to give up what we want,maybe we cheat somebody ,while we cheat ourself.

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