Summer Story

Sometimes we can not deny that certain things which happen unintentionally are much better than such things that people often do them intentionally, as same as taking photos. People invariably achieve or pursue their aims and pay expensive price. They, however, fail to the war finally. Spectators claim that candidates would gain more experience and happiness in the process of hard working and people are not supposed to focus on the end. Is that true? Why people choose rugged way. Cuz the destination attract their attention and coax them to give up comfortable lifestyle. They are stuck on the road and suffer from the pain from various aspects. Yet reality never give these people any chance to find a way. By contrast, setting up numerous difficulties to ill-treat them and prevent those pool people reach their destination. Ironically, a large amount of those who are suffering from ill treat of reality are tolerant, friendly and kind-hearted. They never wish more profits which do not belong them. they merely hope receive the same opportunities or even few than others. But do not abuse them, plz

The photo were shot unintentionally by a partner when I was talking with a friend on the second floor.

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