I seem have extended my way in different fields since I decided to take part in certain activities. Indeed, it broaden my social circle which bring more reaction to me and I also grain some benefits from all of activities except which occupy a part of time. After all, I still need to pursue dream….

Summer Story

Sometimes we can not deny that certain things which happen unintentionally are much better than such things that people often do them intentionally, as same as taking photos. People invariably achieve or pursue their aims and pay expensive price. They, however, fail to the war finally. Spectators claim that candidates would gain more experience and…


There are some new photos which have saved in my laptop for about 1 month. Today, July is very hot there, I really want to go to Southern China in order to enjoy delicious food, beautiful beach and walking on the street. I hope that day will come soon.

The rest of older photos

I am posting some other pictures in the mid-night. As same as the last log, the photos shot in winter. I stay in a café with numerous books. Actually, the latte is pretty average, yet very expensive, I will never go there again. The photos are released after repairing laptops and updating software. It’s really…