Time can make every thing better

I went to Hong Kong University this week, at least 3.5 years from the last time. The tranquillity of the campus is consistent.

Time can make things better, although everything is terrible now.

I found some older photos when I check the folder of the laptop. I knew nothing about photography knowledge, and the camera was old-fashioned at that time. All of them are of low quality, but I am lucky I can find them. When I reviewed, the memory remains not a series of technical parameters, such as composition, colour, exposure. It is a reminiscence. Even the memories were so sad at that time. It seems to laugh it off now.

It is tough to stop the passage of time, and the mind is continually changing. Most people always focus on time and age; however, ignore the change of mindset. The feeling is different when people review old photos. We never find the same attitude back then. Using the camera to take pictures will more or less keep old years. Finally, besides a part of missing, what else can be left?

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