A litter hungry

In the very late at night,I always feel hungry,so to be used to found some delicious food pictures in internet or business shopping website.this photography promote sense of hungry become more and more.In that time,the picture appeared more beautiful.In that situation that reached a peak point who just asleep.maybe these is a type of methed to measure insomnia.in any case,insomnia has become a basic element of boby naturally for me.Review above passage,english level seem had much progress,however not reach a hight grade.

In the future,I could type enghlish words to complete essay of wordpress blog probability.In fact,the theme of blog come from foreign designer,thus use english rather than chinese would bring more pefect visual effect,while to produce some negative effects, for instance majority chinese visitor will be abandoned,expose much grammatical mistake in the composition,cost much more time to accomplish the essay and so on.Nevertheless i still want to improve my english level include listening,reading writing and speaking.

In period of study english I was not some items of extracurricular activity,it is so boreding for me.It is an aim,promote english level to obtain extra occasion of job occupation then realize ideal.some times i review above passage found the different between english and chinese article,which the former appear reality the latter hollowness.

Somebody say my growth feature had some change,hahaha,long time have not to take picuture because of no time, no energy,no interesting.For the previous period,travelling to the countryside and make some photograph conveniently.what a nice day!In fact ,i never feel some change about me.looking out the courtyard,the sky was a fish-belly grey,while have a stomachache.i suggest whether should be asleep.a little hungry,a little tired…,so,say good morning rather than good night.By the way,I miss certain morning of Shanghai.


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