Far away the life

Headache, insomnia and exhaust, they are the major problems around me,recently. But i still do not know how can I tackle them.During 5 years, this kind of problems cost a lot of energy and time of mine. Of course, I really do not when I can reach my destination. In fact, study and work hard just a abstract concept.No one can tell you when is the deadline. However, I could not regret, because i was already fall into ocean. Year by year, I only do my best in order to realize some commitments.But who knows whether these commitments are really exist. Maybe they are merely dream which can support my life and confidence.

The biggest tragic is that people find they cheat themselves.I am still young. Of course, young people like the brilliant live in the future. Nevertheless, the hope of the brilliant live become the killer who destroy their date, leisure time, relaxation, recreation and so forth. Such as me, the young person, develop into the slave of dream. Sometimes I could not memories any thing which are very important for improving skills. Thus I decide to have a rest or sleep directly. Then the magic thing happen.I could not sleep after a long period of time. So, please tell how can i deal with the questions. Do not tell me about drinking milk and relax this kind of stupid answers. Countless people told me drink milk then I feel collapsed. It is just like who suggest you drink water when you feel very uncomfortable. It is not an advise and suggestion, is a rubbish.Fuck drinking milk!. Anyway, we always are cheated by ourselves and others because of some untruth goal and aim.

Sometimes, when I want to find some power that can prove the pursuit is right. I will look at some old photographs. In that time, I can receive a little bit relaxation which is too short. The feeling is like when I pause to type the keyboard and re-watch the above paragraphs.I find all of words are very simple.The material’s level only like a student of primary school or pupil, even though I am already exhaust.

During past 4 years, I have given up all of my leisure time and studied hard. However, I never obtain any payback until now. I do not know what is the happiness, I do not have enough time to make date with girls, even I do not possess the normal sleeping. I choose English as the main language to write the blog ,because I do not like to tell others what are my problems. Everything is in the process of the consequence. No one can predict future. The reality always far away my aim. What is the future? What is my life? What is my consequence? How can I improving constantly? “Never give up”, as a simple sentence,but you feel suffering when you want to realize it.


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