Reminisce About The Past

I do not known how do they adjust their emotion when they have troubles.As far as I am concerned, I often reminisce about the past, automatically, if I am so sad.Maybe someone suggest that estimating the unpredictable/unforeseeable future is also a kind of useful method, that can provide hope to you. By contrast, forecasting unforeseeable future just waste a lot of time. Why do not we recollect some happy memories.

Recently, there are some unhappy things around me. But I understand that people always meet this kind of things if they still alive, meanwhile we can not change the situation of other aspects. Therefore, we just change ourselves. Re-watching old photographs, finding some messages during the Spring Festival or searching past diary, all of this activities can help me to obtain new passion of life.During the university,we enjoy the jokes or ironies of classmates, the criticism or encouragement of tutors.I think they are not brilliant but honest.After graduate, it is difficult to encounter the honest people. Those who possess the ability of coax often do some opposite activities. So, never believe honeyed words that are some pool guys’ methods to interact with different friends.Nevertheless, I still feel so sad when I meet this kind of things or people. According to the knowledge and experiences, the problems should be extinguished, but all your swans are geese.

All in all, I like reminisce about the past rather than predict/forecast the future when I am in the bad moon, because we do not know what will happen in the future but we can enjoy the past life and experiences. It is the only way to change my thoughts right now.

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