If I have a chance

If I have a chance, I want to rearrange my schedule,a lot of things will change.

If I have a chance, I can keep a Labrador retriever.

I have to study English and computer skills hard during childhood, if I have a chance.

Figure is very important for everyone, if I have a chance, I hope process a strong body.

If I have a chance, I will value time highly, in order to study more knowledge.

If I have a chance, it is possible that I would make a girlfriends in my university.

If we could only turn back the time,I must protect eyesight.Because I really hate wear contact lenses every time, when I need to walk out.

In some circumstances I may improve some strategies of making friends,if I have a chance.

In fact, I will speak love loudly, if I have the chance to do it all again.

However,if I have another chance, I still choose my choices and insist aims. I never give up, even all of them need to cost my life.

alcohol。東風惡,歡情薄,一杯愁緒,幾年离索。本想和別人一樣開心,誰知越來越難受。 誰說的滴酒不沾,呵……。

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