Sai Kung Public Pier visited

The pier is located in Sai Kung, once recommended by friends, which is a nice place to appreciate seascape and taste seafood. I went there alone, so I don’t have chance to order a table dishes, and a little bit regret not taking more photos or probably the place is  similar with lots of seasides in Hong Kong, nothing special. I even feel, it is not as good as Shek O where I visited last week.

I guest the massive restaurant around the seaside make the chaotic environment. I seem like distinctive shops/stores more than so many food stalls or snack vendors.

The pictures would be attached below, hope I have more time to take photos outside, it’s really a good way to reduce pressure and improve mood.

2 comments on “Sai Kung Public Pier visited”

  1. Sai Kung has become abit commercial nowadays, that’s perhaps why you may prefer Shek O more than Sai Kung. I totally agree with you that distinctive stores are in general more attractive than food stalls. I think the reason behind is because we can visit all stores to see different things that are being sold but we can’t visit all food stalls to taste all the foods that are being sold.

    The last paragraph that you had written sounds like you are a little bit streesed. I hope you are still doing good and everything will be alright at the end for sure! Take care!

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