The first photo in my favourite place

I have gone Sheung Wan several times and shot photos for others, but finally I got the one belong to me. Sheung Wan is located in the north-wast of Hong Kong Island, it is an old area with  blending between Eastern and Western cultures due to the colonial rule under British since 1842.

After coming to Hong Kong I rarely have opportunities to walking and shooting, I remember I often went out and take photos about four years ago, it’s really a good hobby. I have struggle to attain goals with giving up interests.

The style and colour of photo are different from the one of past, probably the psychology or mentality have changed. Although I sometimes really cherish the memory of older time, time rolls on, waiting for no man.  What’s gone will never come back.

This time the number of pictures is limited, difficult to show more about the streets I have visited, but I might will enhance the updating frequency of blog, and hope life leave more space.

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