The Obstinate Place

I have built this blog for around 15 years, from 2006 until now. I am not sure whether the time in my second year or third year of university in Nanjing seems to be the third year. Sometimes I have to thanks the blog, which helps me to keep many memories of the past. I think they are not only the past thing that I have experienced but remind me often what I should insist on and keep going.

Running an independent website/blog for 15 years isn’t funny. In this way, I faced various difficulties, such as technical barriers, database failures, server outages, code error……, any complicated problems can make me up all nights. It is like the way I walked in the workplace or life.

I don’t think the website belong to social media, and nowadays there are not too many people who like to visit an independent blog because it is old-fashioned. As far as I am concerned, the place shoulder too much excessive hope and burden. It will not be seen as a communication tool. In recent years, I even try to remove my taint of individuality or name from here. It’s not a place to show off. I have skipped that stage, or I want to use another way to express myself.

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