I will go Cheung Chau again

Cheung Chau Island impressed me  not only its scenery but also fine food. I tasted some specialities, Big Fish Balls, Glutinous Rice Dumplings and Lucky Buns. Before going to, I searched on the Internet and Youtube Channels, hope to get more tips about travel route.

The time was not enough to visit whole island, some places and food stalls were missed. It is a scenic spot which worth to go twice.

When I set featured image, I found the number of photos are still limited. It seems that I will force oneself to shoot more, taking photos more interesting than typing words.



3 comments on “I will go Cheung Chau again”

  1. It’s quite late to post a piece of words and it’s too late to read your contents. Never mind, ‘Good Night’ is more than anything. Cheers

  2. Perhaps a helpful photographer, not to be alone, is needed next time when you visit the island again. Enjoy the nice whether we have recently and take as many photos as you can. Stay happy and heathly!

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