Only change ourselves

Chang ourselves are very difficult.The habits have always followed whole life since you were born. However, there are still some things we can not change, such as family, age, nature etc. Thus, we just give up to change this kind of things. The only thing that we can do is that change ourselves.In fact, it is a abstract problem. Even sometimes, we do not like to change anything about ourselves. Because we hope the lifestyle can adapt our habits. Fear we must recognize that tremendous people give up their ways to adopt the other methods in order to live in the word.

As far as I am concerned, I understand a lot of things that can not change,according to my own power and energy. Maybe some things happen, I already to change and keep them. But I still can not to prevent them. I often feel very sad. Sometimes I feel unassisted and hopeless. It is not my fault. Why I need to confront with the negative effect. I am inculpable. I am not sure how about others. It is really tired to shoulder all of this consequences.

Recently, there were a lot of things happen, which influence my emotion substantially. I do not have capable of retrieve situation.Thereby, I have to control myself. Because I do not have any other choices.I know that is a hard tast for me. The suffering of heart often disturb my mind.If I want come back to the normal way, it is as well to have made this step.



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