LAVAZZA which is the new brand of coffee have tasted recently. So I would like to compare it with illy.In fact I love the bottle of the LAVAZZA which is more delicate than illy,meanwhile the price is cheaper.But I definitely agree that the quality of illy is better when I open the box.This brand of coffee smells fragrant and tastes good.A smell of coffee in the doorway entices mother to enter the kitchen.

Then I would make a cup of LAVAZZA coffee.I need to try the new brand of coffee by tasting.It is not bad.Contrary the common believe I feel it is more gentle than illy.Of cause, I still want to upgrade my coffee machine which is the weakness of whole process.

Hi guys,and u can tell me which one is your favorite?

2 comments on “LAVAZZA VS illy”

  1. Nobody?

    What about other brands such as Malongo, Kimbo, Viaggio, Saula, Nespresso, Bonka, Marcilla, Novell, Juan Valdez, Nero, Guilis, Kopi Luwak, Mexicana, Malongo, Blue Mountain, Sanani, Segafredo, Saimaza, Kimbo, Bahía, Cavalli, Viaggio, Royal, Danesi, Passalacqua, Eustachio…?

  2. I am here now. do not have chance to taste all of them. lol.

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