Day and Night

Our working day began when the sun rose and ended when it set.We possess the totally different kind of life styles and altitudes from day to night.

During the day, people realize their dreams and pursuer their aims.They slip into consumes and marks as walking through the city.Because people will meet others from all walks of life.Every methods are used to protect themselves.

During the night,people remove their coat and say sorry to themselves in the mirror.They consider the future and make plans of tomorrow.Those who suffering in the real world cannot fall asleep at night.

People laugh and cry between day and night. They lose in life.After decades, when they recollect their experiences, whether or not remember their past, aim and love. Sometimes they must do some choices are not the real.But I think everyone has their own reasons.If people have more opportunities and space, a lot of things will be changed.Day and night, people have different attitudes just because they are in the different time, place and infront with different people. There are some facts that they can not ignore.

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  1. Always love your pictures.Maybe you could be a talent photographer.

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