Recently, I often read some essays and articles. Maybe, my English level is better than before.Of course, thanks to the study hard for a long period of time.The ultimate goals is not far away for me, if I can insist.I realize my aims step by step. It is undoubtedly that sweat bring us a lot of advantages.However, no everyone can shoulder this kind of burden. I want a successful future.So I can not ignore this time,even I need to spend a lot of time and energy, which always be used to date, travel or relax for other. To be honest, I  like to possess the same life styles with other people.But I could not do anything.All I have ever done is to reach my destination.

Right now, I just feel smooth compare to past. Surfing the Internet, browse some foreign social networking,meanwhile sent email to some  friends from other countries.I understand my classmate of middle school got married and my goddess of University got child. There are so many things happened everyday except me.Oh, i could not say it is the absolute correct. At least, I improving myself and change my  hair style.

Attitude plays an important role in you mind.Switch the methods of thinking will generate different conclusions.Yet we need to control the rhythm, tempo and direction.Keep right behavior will encourage people go along a brilliant way.

How about my new style? LOL.


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