This week, I just stay at home exercise and study.I understand there are a lot of difficulties need to be solved. This week, no laugh, no tears even no breathe.The days are getting hotter now. I believe that only sweat around me. I might think that is the normal life for me, because I pass this kind of life for a long period of time. Maybe I need to star numb. At the beginning, I possess the hope that I can reach my destination quickly. But I gradually adapt this kind of lifestyle right now. Admittedly, I am afraid how to finish the examination.

During the last many years, there were a lot of people leave me and numerous things are changed. I had wanted to maintain them.However, all my efforts avail my nothing. Sometimes, life have a little bit uncomfortable and eerie stillness. We can not foreseeable that what will happen in the next step. What is your waiting for? If the answer is death, I feel that is not the worst answer.Because I never fear death. But I unlike waiting.



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