Day and night

There are a lot of misunderstandings which can avoid originally,but it become the truth. There are a lot of  lies which everybody can understand,but they choose to believe them. I do not like to explain anything, thus people often think suspect for me.It does not matter as long as you do not hurt me. Recently, I like to gadding about in the city. In fact, I have never pay attention to anything around this city.Because I do not like it. I am taking bus from here to there, which have no aim. I want to keep moving.

In the daytime, I still study hard,however, and always change my places of study everyday. Today, I am stay in the west of the city. Maybe tomorrow, I will going to the east of the city.After the rain, the quality of air keeps the fresh. It is comfortable when you breath the fresh air, especially the time of feeling is so sad. In fact, I hate on the road in this city because of the air pollution. However, I feel the peace of mind.

At night, I went to the bar nearby my home.There is little people chat with friends, less than 5.I am sitting in a quiet corner.The sound of music is very noisy.I could not concentrate on my thing.The black beer have a litter bit bitter.But I do not have any other choice. It is like something that I can not determine them by myself. I only accept them and never have any space to react.


I miss u, and u?


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