The last day of 2013

Today is the last day of 2013, my friends invited me to celebrate the New Year’s day. Thanks for their invitation, but I just want to stay at home alone. Right now, I know, some ones are taking part in the party, some ones enjoy their holiday and some ones get together with their friends or family members. Yet I just want to find a quiet place not only looking forward but also remember things of past.

During 2013, I seemly worked hard in vary fields, but I still never reached my aims and destinations. Thereby, I can not harvest the crop as an industrious farmer.What we can say for all of things happened in this year? Although I almost always confront with countless failures.However, I still hope to make some wishes,please forgive my greed for use “some”.

1.pass my examination, I really do not have much time to be wasted.

2.continue to update my laptop (8G Memory+SSD). new subjects

4.keep health includes qualified sleep schedule.

5.have a optimistic attitude to life every day.

6.richer and wealthier.

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