Further understanding of life

People have researched their lifestyle for hundred thousands years. It is hard to give a definite answer. Indeed, different people possess different aim. Basing on diversified background and experiences, they are apron to adopt special attitudes toward life. Generally speaking, slowing down your steps and living in peace could reap more benefits from the world.


Some always complaint that the shortage of income is the main trouble for them every day. It is embarrassed if they find some commodities on shopping malls. Of course, even their year-end bonus can not support a comfortable trip. After all, as an average white-collar worker they are, people suffer from heavy stress in society per day. Thus, releasing relative pressure is a reliable method in normal life. However, how to deal with all the conflicts between dream and reality is standing in front of our face.

In fact, residents are supposed to make a plan to reach their destination step by step. For example, if we found several wonderful restaurants last month. But we only have money to go to one of them. Do not worry. Going to the best in your mind this moth. And then choosing another next month. At least, we have eaten different food in different places and time. The same way also can be used in purchasing products via the Internet or shopping malls, which reduce more financial pressure and get more happiness every month. As and old saying goes, a bird in the hand is worth than two in the bush.


All in all, I firmly believe that attitudes change lifestyle and emotion. making everything slower than your hope and realizing small aim instead of big and abstract one might be a suitable method to bring more relaxations.


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