Updating frequently is not easy

I just said that I would accelerate the speed of updating my blog, but the process begins by putting the fear of God. I felt exhausted when I carry a heavy camera across the street after. After finishing the work one day before, I walk from Central to Sheung Wan and then turn back. The fatigue filled the whole body. I am not adaptable to working. Financial freedom and a relaxed pace of life were the way which suits me.  In general, it was a rewarding trip because of some meaningful photos.

When I edited pictures after coming back, the contents and style of photos are different from that of many years ago. Indeed, upgrading equipment improves the quality obviously, and the changing of subjects also reflects the mentality evolution. Wandering for many years, I merely hope to find a peaceful place to keep me in the past, but it seems impossible with wishful thinking.

Try to add Chinese vision, not sure if is it suitable or not.

(This article has been translated into Chinese. If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English version and the Chinese version, the English version shall prevail. 以下中文版本為英文内容之翻譯,如中、英兩個版本有任何抵觸或不符之處,應以英文版本爲準。)



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