What remains is reminiscence

When I type the domain and visit this blog, I even can not remember the password. I have not been here for a long time. Life makes me pale. I am sad for my change after listing some old song and visited a social network site which be used for connecting schoolmates. They might seldom use the platform. So it is like a reminiscent cemetery with heartbroken stories. There are full of dreams, fortitude, loves, friendships and courage, which made me recall the reason, why am I here.

Yes, I am here now. However, I am no longer like myself. Pretend to be polite, saving money in order to against hidden risks, hard working for rents. Although there are lots of projects waiting for completion, I can not help zip mouth. I am here for dream, dream force me to be a slave or machine which do not right to choose.

4 comments on “What remains is reminiscence”

  1. 储主播好啊!一直在YouTube上看你的普通话新闻播报。没想到竟然可以找到你的博客!

  2. 过段时间就是老朋友了!我无意之中看到你播报的新闻以后,还以为你是香港人呢。虽然是普通话,但香港的新闻用词和播报方式和内地的不太一样。找到这个博客以后真是又惊又喜,原来储主播也是90后,还一直坚持写博客,记录这么多有趣的故事!

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