Major Changes

I have transferred the server location of the blog from Hong Kong to Singapore, which is not the first time to immigrate the whole website, cuz the former one’s PHP version is too older. Some functions are not compatible with the latest system. The staff ignored my requests to update the software. After a few…

Are there any other options

Should we made the same decision, if there are any other choices. Personally, I believe that I will get totally different conclusion. No one wants to so far away from home or leave native place. No one likes to get off duty in midnight. No one tend to live in such an hostile environment. People…

When I want to do I lost

When I want to do I lost, which likes loss of a dream. The final aim is changed during the process. I am living with strangers; I am staying with people I have no interest in meeting them. I am here for the ideal but lose the dream, living, friendship, and love. What a beautiful…

What remains is reminiscence

When I type the domain and visit this blog, I even can not remember the password. I have not been here for a long time. Life makes me pale. I am sad for my change after listing some old song and visited a social network site which be used for connecting schoolmates. They might seldom…


I find the blog is old-fashioned now, no more netizens are surfing blog website any more. I have run this blog for a decade. It looks like a long period of time. someone surprised for my insistence, cuz I really spend lots of time and energy to manage it. Maybe I do not upgrade the…




1.现在有很多人都玩儿blog,不能落后。 2.现实生活中能交流的人越来越少。 3.网上能交流的人越来越多,大家似乎都在网上抒发情感。 4.blog看似很简单,其实很有学问,让更多的人访问,是一种乐趣。